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Schuylkill/Carbon Keystone Opportunity Zones

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The Schuylkill County Board of Commissioners and Carbon County Board of Commissioners are pleased to participate in the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development's Keystone Opportunity Zone (KOZ) Program as authorized under the Keystone Opportunity Zone (KOZ) program legislation.

The Schuylkill/Carbon Zone was designated a Keystone Opportunity Zone (KOZ) under Act 92 of 1998 in February 1999. Originally this Zone was comprised of 12 subzones - nine (9) subzones in Schuylkill County and three (3) subzones in Carbon County. The Keystone Opportunity Zone designation is for a twelve (12) year period effective January 1, 1999. A subsequent amendment to the initial legislation was enacted in December 2000 expanding the zones and extending the time period for the new zones from January 2001 through December 2013. With the new legislation, the Schuylkill/Carbon Zone increased subzones to nineteen (19) - fourteen (14) in Schuylkill County and five (5) in Carbon County. The Schuylkill County Economic Development Office is responsible for the administration of the program.

The goal of the Keystone Opportunity Zone Program is to revive economically distressed communities utilizing a powerful market based incentive - state and local tax abatement. It is anticipated that this initiative will help foster reinvestment in some of our more economically distressed areas.

Schuylkill and Carbon counties are nestled in the heart of northeastern Pennsylvania and the lower Pocono Region and are strategically located close to a network of connecting interstate highways with quick and convenient access to most major markets of the northeastern United States.

With a competent and loyal workforce nationally known for its unusually high productivity, now coupled with the Keystone Opportunity Zone Program benefits, Schuylkill and Carbon counties are positioned to aggressively grow their economies. Traditional values of strong family ties, pride in workmanship, and a deep-rooted work ethic continue to be the foundation of the workforce heritage in each of these counties.

Subzone coordinators are assigned and responsible for assisting the county economic development director with local inquiries and local municipal issues including zoning, subdivision, land development planning, and construction/building permitting.

A few of the KOZ subzone locations lend themselves to a particular type of industrial/commercial development and each subzone coordinator assists with providing input on appropriate strategies for each of their sites.

The Schuylkill County Economic Development Office interacts with development groups throughout the two County area. Groups such as the Schuylkill Economic Development Corporation (SEDCO), Tamaqua Industrial Development Enterprises (TIDE), Mahanoy Area Joint Industrial Corporation (MAJIC), and the Carbon County Bureau of Economic Development and the Carbon County Economic Development Corporation play a significant role in supporting the work tasks and activities under the KOZ Program.

Both Schuylkill County and Carbon County have created a vision for their respective futures and the Keystone Opportunity Zone Program will serve as the catalyst in meeting those outcomes ; affording greater economic development activity and opportunity for our residents. The Schuylkill County Vision Program is an integral part of the KOZ Program development.

Both Schuylkill and Carbon counties are prepared to utilize the KOZ Program benefits to proactively recruit new business and to assist with the expansion of existing business where applicable.

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Schuylkill County

East Union Township
Mahanoy City Borough,
Mahanoy Township
Rush Township
Tremont Township
Rush Township
Mahanoy Twp/
Ryan Twp/

Carbon County

Banks Township
L. Towamensing Township

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Subzone Coordinators

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Frank Zukas, SEDCO






W. Kevin O'Donnell





Micah Gursky





Joe Palubinsky





Kathy Henderson



*Multiple Coordinators

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