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Schuylkill County MH/DS Program

Specialized Mental Health Services

108 S. Claude A. Lord Blvd. 2nd Floor
Pottsville, PA 17901
(570) 621- 2890
(570) 621- 2893 Fax


This program serves over 800 children, adults and elderly with developmental disabilities. Case Management is the initial point of contact for all consumers pursuing publicly funded assistance. Services available range from an Early Intervention Program for infants to services for the elderly provided in combination with the Office of Senior Services. Primary focus for each of these services is to assist persons with developmental disabilities to reach their individual optimum level of self‑direction and to maintain that level throughout their lives. Services which maintain persons in their own homes and outside of institutional settings are a primary focus of available services.


This program serves approximately 2,000 individuals who experience varying degrees and types of mental health problems. Services offered cover a spectrum from supportive, once a month visits to intensive inpatient or comprehensive residential and day services for individuals suffering from severe and persistent mental illness. The Mental Health Program seeks to assist individuals in the "least restrictive setting"; maintaining themselves in community settings of their own choosing. Another focus is that of serving children at risk of developing emotional problems. Children's mental health services are coordinated by the Children and Adolescent Service System Program (CASSP).


About Us

The Schuylkill County MH/DS program is responsible for the overall administration and provision of specialized mental health services in Schuylkill County.

Crisis/Emergency Services

Emergency crisis services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. For any crisis call 1-877-9WE-HELP or 1-877-993-4357.

Base Service Unit

The Base Service Unit is the entry point for all Mental health Services. The Base Service Unit is currently staffed by Service Access and Management 590 Terry Reiley Way, Pottsville, PA 17901. Upon entry into Mental Health Services in the County a comprehensive psycho-social assessment is completed to determine level of care. A capability determination is also done to assess an individual’s ability to pay for recommended services. There are three levels of care management:

Administrative Case Management

This level of case management provides assessment and referral services to those individuals being considered for mental health services.  Casemanagers provide case management services to those individuals who need minimal support.

Resource Coordination Case Management

Resource Coordination has an identified caseload and provides case management including linkage and referral services to consumers in Schuylkill County.  Caseload is approximately 75 for adults and 40 for children.  Bi-monthly contacts are required for adults and monthly contacts are required for children.

Intensive Case Management

Assists targeted children and adults with services and persistent mental illness to gain access to needed resources while remaining in the community.  Caseloads for children are 8-10; caseloads for adults are approximately 20.

CHIPP - Community Hospital Integration Project Program

Through the CHIPP project, Schuylkill County Mental Health/Developmental Services program together with providers, consumers, families and staff will build the most effective community service system for the most seriously mentally ill adults residing in or returning to Schuylkill County.  The system will depend upon existing services and implement new services addressing behavioral and treatment issues.  Housing and community supports will be specialized and tailored to meet the varied needs of all individuals currently in the state hospital system as well as the individuals who are at risk of requiring long-term outpatient treatment because of the lack of adequate and appropriate community services and treatment.  The Schuylkill County Mental Health program is committed to providing this comprehensive range of community support services to ensure successful integration of discharged patients into the community and whenever appropriate to prevent unnecessary state mental hospital admission/readmissions.

CASSP - Children's Interagency Team

Composed of key persons from all child-serving agencies i.e.; MH/DS, Children and Youth, Drug and Alcohol, Education, Juvenile Justice, etc.  The team meets on a weekly basis to problem-solve, address children's issues, and assist in the development of a coordinated service plan.  Various issues discussed may involve children who are at risk of out-of-home placement, a child and family have found it difficult to access services, a child may be eligible for intensive case management or in-home family based services, the child or family may be involved in two or more non-educational CASSP systems, or there may be issues involving the child's educational placement.  Any person involved with the child and/or family may request a meeting date and time.

All three levels of case management (Administrative, Resource Coordination, and Intensive Case Management), the CHIPP project are provided through Service Access and Management, and CASSP is provided through the Schuylkill County Mental Health, 108 S. Claude A. Lord Blvd., 2nd Floor, Pottsville PA 17901.  Phone number is (570) 621 - 2890 Fax number (570) 621 - 2893

Dan McGrory MH/DS Drug & Alcohol Administrator
Keith Semerod MH/DS Deputy Administrator
Melissa Chewey Drug & Alcohol Administrator
Kathy Repsher Drug & Alcohol Assistant Administrator
Lisa Fishburn MH/DS Fiscal Officer
Christine Fulton Administrative Assistant
John Reed D & A Fiscal Officer
Kathy Quick CASSP Coordinator
Diane Rowland Prevention Services Coordinator
Tracy Fritz SCRIP Coordinator
Zane Moran D&A Case Manager


The Schuylkill County MH/DS D & A Programs are committed to working in a recovery-oriented system. This involves fully supporting the environment and community where the individual with psychiatric or drug & alcohol disabilities lives and works. We are working toward progress of supporting individuals in their pursuit of their own stability integration and recovery.


Schuylkill County Mental Health/Developmental Services/Drug and Alcohol Programs Administration Office values and respects:


            Schuylkill County MH/DS/D&A Program Administration Office will invest its efforts and resources to (1) collaborate and consult with the primary stakeholders, (2) to participate and support the education and training necessary, (3) to hold itself and its service system accountable, and (4) to provide the leadership in creating and maintaining the opportunities and supports necessary for community integration, personal growth and recovery. 






Team (FST)

Family Training and
Advocacy Team
(FTAC); National
Association Mentally Ill

Assessments and
Clients, Providers

Team (CST)

Consumer Support
Program (CSP)

Assessments and
Interviews Clients

MH/DS Advisory

National Association
Of Mentally Ill (NAMI),
CSP; Warden of County Prison; community leaders

Monitoring of and
advise on the MH and
DS service systems

Memorandum of
Schuylkill County Outreach

Office of Senior
Services (OSS)

Formal collaboration
on coordinated services

Local Aging/Mental
Health Task Force

OSS; local psychiatric
hospitals; County
Association Schuylkill
County Services
(ASCS); Nursing

Systemic focus and
collaboration on
services for geriatric

Criminal Justice
Advisory Board

District Attorney;
County Sheriff;
President Judge; local
Chief of Police; 911
Staff; FTAC; providers;
County D&A; Prison

The impact of mental health;
drug & alcohol and/or dually diagnosed
clients on the criminal
justice system


FTAC; Adult Probation;
DA; Court System;
Chief of Police; District

Diversion from incarceration
possible mental health

Local Housing Options

D&A; MH Providers;
Housing Authorities, Local
Landlord Association;
Schuylkill Community Action Program; ARC Homeless Coalition


Suicide Prevention Task

D&A; CASSP, DOH, OSS; Ministerial, CJAB Members

Targeting the causes of suicide; education the community
on signs and interventions



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