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Schuylkill County
Drop-off Recycling Program

The Schuylkill County Drop-Off Recycling Program is open for ALL County residents.

In Schuylkill County there are four municipalities (the City of Pottsville, Tamaqua, Schuylkill Haven, and Shenandoah) that are mandated by the state through Act 101 to offer curbside and drop-off recycling to their residents. In addition there are four other boroughs (Mechanicsville, St. Clair, Coal Township, and Girardville) that operate curbside recycling programs, and three townships (Cass, Norwegian, and Washington) that operate their own drop-off recycling programs. Since 1994, the County of Schuylkill, through the Office of Solid Waste & Resource Management, has operated a drop-off recycling program to service approximately 50,000 households in the communities in the County that do not have their own recycling programs. The program effectively serves a population of at least 148,289 (based on the 2010 Census). However, it is important to note that the County Drop-off Sites are open to all residents of the County, including residents of the mandated communities, and communities with their own recycling programs.


At present, the Schuylkill County Drop-off Program consists of 19 permanent drop-off sites around the County, which house a total of 140 six-cubic-yard capacity Haul-All drop-off collection containers, which are serviced regularly by four customized collection vehicles. The Haul-All system containers have material-specific openings to collect the following recyclable materials:

Acceptable Materials

The program will accept the following materials in the proper compartment of the proper container:


#1 PET Plastic Food and Beverage
Bottles; #2 HDPE Plastic Milk & Cider
Jugs; Spring Water & Detergent Jugs

Recycle Plastics Logo


Aluminum, Steel & Bi-metal Food & Beverage

Image of Opened Tin Can

Clear, Green & Brown Glass Food,
Beverage & Liquor Containers

Recycle Glass Logo

Newsprint, Phone Books,
Magazines, Catalogues,
Office Paper, Junk Mail,
Boxes & Paperboard (flattened)

Recycle Paper Logo

Each and every bin is clearly labeled as to
what materials belong in it!

So there is absolutely NO reason to leave
unacceptable materials in the bins or on
the ground at the sites!

If you are not sure about whether or not a particular item or material is accepted by the County
Drop-off Recycling Program, call the office at 628-1220 and ask us!
Please do not leave questionable items anywhere at a site!

The County Drop-Off Recycling containers are located at the following sites:

Schuylkill County Municipality

Recycling Drop Off Site Location

1.   Ashland Borough

Ashland Waste Water Treatment Plant - Off Rt. 61

2.   Auburn Borough

3rd & Pearson Street, Auburn

3.   Branch Township

Brickey Road, Llewellyn

4.   Butler Township

Butler Township Waste Water Treatment Plant

5.   E. Brunswick Township

Catawissa St., New Ringgold

6.   Eldred Township

Township Building - Rt. 125 & Ridge Road

7.   Frailey Township

Rt. 125, W. Center Street, Donaldson

8.   Girardville Borough

4th & B Streets - across from Borough Building

9.   Hegins Township

Township Building - Gap Street, Valley View

10. New Philadelphia Borough

Rt. 209 next to Post Office

11. Pine Grove Township

Township Building - 175 Oak Grove Road

12. Port Carbon Borough

Commerce Street - next to Borough Building

13. Porter Township

Wiconisco Street, Muir

14. Reilly Township

Newtown Volunteer Fire Co. - one block off Rt. 209

15. Ringtown Borough

West Apple Street, Ringtown

16. Ryan Township

Behind Ryan Township Fire Company

17. Walker Township

Municipal Road & Wildcat Road

18. Wayne Township

Municipal Road - off Rt. 183

19. West Penn Township

Municipal Road - off Rt. 309

The recycling effort has become a way of life here in Schuylkill County. The popularity of recycling in Schuylkill County is still steady. The tons of recyclable material collected by the County Program continue to be successful. See Schuylkill County Drop-off Recycling Program History graph (below). With the PA Department of Environmental Protection's help, the program has gone through various positive changes over the years, in order to accommodate its ever-increasing popularity. For instance, the most recent 902 Grant funds that were awarded in early 2005 have enabled the County to order ten additional site-specific Haul-All collection containers, which will be installed in August 2005, to relieve overflow problems at the drop-off sites in the program.

Most of the materials collected by the program generate revenue when marketed. The exception is glass, which has a negative floor price. All other commodities have positive floor prices, as well as escalators tied to the marketplace. These other commodities sure up the loss caused by glass. The 2004 program cost analysis demonstrates that revenues generated by the sale of materials collected, in conjunction with the funds received through the Section 904 Performance Grant and the Section 903 Coordinator's Grant, are equal to, or exceed, the program expenses.

Aside from the financial loss taken on the collection of glass, the other negative aspects of the program are the persistent issues of illegal dumping at the sites and system misuse. Residents dumping materials (garbage, unwanted items, non-recyclables, and even recyclables) on the ground at the sites has been a problem since the start of the program and it is still constantly addressed to this day. In 2003 a Technical Assistance Grant from the PA DEP allowed the County to design and purchase colorful new in structural decals for each bin. These decals serve to both educate the public (on exactly what materials are acceptable and unacceptable) and inform the public (that it is illegal to leave material – recyclable or not – on the ground at any site).

In order to further educate and encourage residents to recycle right and stop abusing the system, Act 101, Section 902 grant funds afforded the County to launch a “Let's Do It Right” cable advertising campaign in the fall of 2004. Grant funding also gives the County the means to make site upgrades, including the installation of instructional signage, fencing, paving, and lighting, all of which seem to help discourage and lessen the occurrence of illegal dumping. Additionally, the aid of some host municipalities, local police, and magistrates, has led to the prosecution and subsequent fining of violators. As a result, some sites have “cleaned up” and less dumping is occurring. All of these continuing efforts will hopefully bring an end to the practice of dumping and system misuse at ALL of the sites in the near future.

Schuylkill County Drop-Off Recycling Program - Tons Recycled 1994 to 2015 Graph

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